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TRU Investing and Private Lending

TRU Investing

  • Turnkey Rental Unit Investing

  • Long-Term Investment: Greater than 12 months.

    • All of the work has been completed.

    • The property is cash-flowing.

    • A turnkey, low-maintenance property with a resident under long-term lease with option to purchase agreements.

  • Investor becomes a part-owner.

  • Investor receives all of the benefits of investing long-term.


Every investment has an element of risk. However, real estate investing is one of the safest. 


Your investment is secured by the asset. Either you get a lien on the property or become part owner. 


Our partnership offers long-term benefits. 


Our long-term buy-and-hold strategy provides excellent cashflow which exceeds other real estate investments. 


Because you are part owner of the joint venture, you receive the same tax benefits that we receive. 


Because our model produces high revenue right off the bat your cash-on-cash return exceeds that of typical investments. 


Real Estate appreciates over time. That's why holding it is so valuable. And as part-owner you benefit. This helps you attain true wealth. ​

Private Lending

  • Short-Term Investment: Typically 3 – 12 months.

  • Investor benefits:

    • A High Rate of Return

  • Your investment is repaid when we flip or refinance.

  • For security we give you:

    • A Promissory Note

    • A Lien on the Property

    • Add you as additionally insured on the Insurance Policy

    • Processed by a Real Estate Attorney

  • Typical investments are $30,000 - $80,000 per Property.

Why Prosperity One?

Our President and CEO

darrell red couch.jpg

        Darrell Jordan, founder and CEO of Prosperity One, knows the value of holding properties and building wealth over time.

He's a highly experienced leader in real estate and information technology. He has more than 40 years of experience helping customers maximize their assets. Prior to real estate, Darrell held several leadership positions, including director of information technology. 

        When Darrell isn't investing in new properties, he provides mentoring and training. He is also the founder and host of Team Blessing REIA (Real Estate Investors Association), a monthly educational and networking event where he shares his real estate expertise with other real estate investors. 

How it Works

1. Book an Appointment


2. TRU Investing or Private Lending Presentation


3. Become a TRU Investor or Private Lender

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