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"This is what it looks like when you acquire another property!! I’m here with my favorite real estate attorney closing another deal."

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homelessness to Homeownership

We're hiring! We're looking for an intern to help those struggling with homelessness get to homeownership. Responsibilities include getting the word out about our organization, work with government programs, help raise funds, and find contractors willing to donate their services. We're excited to meet you and have you join the team! To find out more about the position click here. Apply by emailing info@prosperityone.co. Use the subject line, "h2H Ambassador Position".

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Team Blessing REIA
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Join us for our next Team Blessing REIA meeting Tuesday, July 19th at Hub757, 7-8:30pm. Registration is FREE! OR meet us online Sunday, July 24th. 

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5 Day Challenge
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Join Darrell Jordan and Nhan Lam, real estate investors and coaches for 5 days of online Real Estate Investment Training! July 25-29, 2022

It will take place at 12 noon and 7pm for 45 minutes each over 5 days. We conveniently scheduled it during lunch and dinner so you don't have to take off work. And it’s online so you don’t have to travel!

​To keep the group interactive and engaged, we're only accepting 15-20 people.

(No experience required)
Topics included:
Fix/Flip Overview, Wholesaling Overview, Finding a Deal, Qualifying Motivated Sellers, Basic Lead Sourcing, Understanding Personalities & Negotiating 101, Understanding Comps, Calculating ARV, Offer Analysis.

Registration is only $99! An incredible value for training worth much more.

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