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Join Darrell Jordan and Nhan Lam, real estate investors and coaches for 5 days of online Real Estate Investment Training!

April 24-28, 2023

It will take place at 12 noon and 7pm for 45 minutes each over 5 days. We conveniently scheduled it during lunch and dinner so you don't have to take off work. And it’s online so you don’t have to travel!

​To keep the group interactive and engaged, we're only accepting 15-20 people.

(No experience required)

Topics include:

Fix/Flip Overview, Wholesaling Overview, Finding a Deal, Qualifying Motivated Sellers, Basic Lead Sourcing, Understanding Personalities & Negotiating 101, Understanding Comps, Calculating ARV, Offer Analysis.

Registration is only $99! An incredible value for training worth much more.

10X Growth Conference

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Spent the week at the 10X Growth Conference in Las Vegas! It was amazing and I met some incredible people.


Took a pic with Grant Cardone's Pilot! He also markets Cardone Capital when he's not flying Grant. I enjoyed talking to him about The Real Estate Club, Grant's real estate mastermind.

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