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Real Estate Investors Association

Darrell Jordan is the founder and host of Team Blessing REIA (Real Estate Investors Association) in Suffolk, VA. This educational and networking event meets every 2nd Tuesday of every month at Hub 757 in North Suffolk (and online the following Sunday). Our goal is to increase everyone's real estate investment skills and opportunities, while networking among each other for mutual benefit.

If you are new to real estate investment, join us to learn for FREE. If you're seasoned, you're bound to learn something new, increase your income and wealth, and discover opportunities to help others.

We cover a new topic each month, discuss the current state of the market, provide networking opportunities, and introduce you to professionals who can help grow your business.

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Our goal is to increase everyone's real estate investment skills. This month we’ll discuss SubTo, a creative financing method for obtaining properties without cash, credit, or credentials. You heard that right …


Additionally, when a seller won’t discount, this is an excellent alternative for closing a deal.

SubTo is buying property “subject to” the existing mortgage. It is taking over the payments on a property while placing your name on the title.

A lot of people think the deed and the mortgage are the same thing or connected. They are not. SubTo acquires ownership without putting your name on the mortgage. When you buy SubTo, the seller remains on the mortgage while you own the title.

This method has been used for years and has become popular again. We’ll show you the benefits, how to obtain SubTo deals, and how to process and manage them.


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